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Employ robots – let them work for the success of your company.

Speed up packaging in order to increase the capacity of the production line.
Increase the speed and precision of the operations thanks to Pick&Place applications.
Use robots to operate the machines.


Packaging of various types of products into bulk containers with the use of robots ensures significant flexibility. Quick reconfiguration allows to react adequately to changing market trends.

Pick & Place

Whenever products are to be picked quickly and placed in an accurate location with correct orientation, robots seem truly indispensable. Speed and precision are a step forward towards  continuously growing capacity.


Handling semi-products among the machines is a monotonous activity that has to be repeated thousands of times per shift. Robots designed to work 24/7 reduce production breaks to the minimum. Elimination of production downtimes is directly conducive to increased effectiveness of production.


Collaborative robots – mobile and easy to programme – prove a perfect solution in areas where efficiency gives way to the prospect of operation in close proximity of humans. That guarantees comfortable work conditions, in which the robot performs part of the repetitive activities and the remaining ones (those which cannot be fully robotised) are carried out by the operator.

Good packaging helps sell the product

That’s why the trends in packaging change so often – market needs and manufacturing costs are the two areas that are not easily reconcilable. Marketing on the one hand and production on the other – it’s good to have a robot in between.

Besides all characteristic advantages such as efficiency, reliability and  precision,  robotised packaging lines, due to their flexibility, largely facilitate adaptation to emerging changes.

We deliver modular packaging systems which, subject to the Client’s needs, offer a wide array of activities:

  • insertion
  • banding
  • product mixing
  • metal detection
  • control of product weight and shape 
  • packaging closure control
  • forming trays, displays and cartons
  • lid forming and topping
  • labelling 

Pick > Place > Profit!

We deliver compact Pick&Place systems, which will streamline the production process.

Whenever time is at stake, Pick&Place applications prove the best solution. Products are picked and placed at the pace of 180-240 cycles per minute, items are picked separately and the distance between the points does not exceed 0.5 metre. 

Achieving higher capacity and labour cost effectiveness are the main reasons why Pick&Place is replacing human employees at workplaces relating to the delivery and placement of these elements.

Depending on the required cycle time, range and load capacity, we use the following robots:

  • Delta

The most demanding applications are equipped with the vision systems:

  • 2D
  • 3D

The systems identify the position and orientation of the product in real time and send the information to the robot. Additionally, the tracking function allows to pick and place items which are in motion.

Good, diligent employee – robot

Thanks to their versatility, robots prove extremely handy at operating other machines. IS it profitable? Yes, it is, and the list of advantages is quite long: increased work safety (especially in harmful working conditions), less material waste, higher efficiency, sustainable product quality, reduced cost and many others.

Elimination of micro-downtimes, optimal use of machines and reduction of the changeover time projects on the increase of the OEE indicator. Such an investment is characterised by a short return (high ROI).

We deliver robot employees to operate machines in various spheres of production.

Our robots:

  • load and unload trays with products in the process of sterilisation with the use of an autoclave
  • replace a human operator in the process of placing lids on bulk containers
  • prepare cartons for product loading by opening carton box flaps and placing the insert
  • unscrew, wash and screw back the grips holding the drill bits
  • help screw component parts of window blinds


Cobots turn out useful in areas where robots cannot replace human labour, but may supplement it by performing difficult, routine or dangerous tasks.

That’s industry 5.0, i.e. cooperation between robots and humans. While robots take over standard processes as a multi-function tool, humans use their creativity for more sophisticated activities.

Cobots are characterised by the following:

  • preparation for direct cooperation with humans
  • easy programming that does not require specialist knowledge
  • quick start-up
  • unproblematic change of location
  • flexible automation
  • easy adaptation to various parts of the production process

Cobots can be successfully applied to perform the following:

  • assembly
  • dosage
  • gluing
  • polishing
  • grinding
  • machine operation
  • packaging and palletisation
  • quality control

See examples

Ever since the first conversation till the implementation and service, you always know that the system is in good hands.

See how the cooperating robot – cobot is replacing an operator in the process of a bus sheathing polishing

Notice how cleverly the robot equipped with a universal gripper serves dozens of carton box formats, which allowed to move the operator to a different location in the process

Check the pick&place application working in tandem with a pneumatic-hydraulic press


Here’s what our clients say about us

“It is good to team up with such a partner like Inlader. We have been cooperating for a couple of years and such projects are the culmination of the common success.”

Phillip Wagnerwwt Technologie, Project Manager

The answer is always

If we place an order for the system, will we get a comprehensive solution?

Yes. By default, we prepare the concept and price estimate of a comprehensive solution. All the same, we are flexible and attentive to the Client’s individual needs, e.g. adaptation and exploitation of the existing machinery park.

Can you prepare a simple offer and price estimate without a detailed concept specified in the questionnaire?

Yes. In case of smaller and simpler systems, an on-site inspection and a survey will do. Based on the information collected in this way, we can prepare a general concept and the price estimate. Yet, in case of more elaborate and complex systems, the concept is indispensable – it can be delivered by the Client or we can prepare it against payment. These materials may be used as the data facilitating the process of collecting and comparing potential offers.

Do you use tools that allow to eliminate certain errors even before the implementation stage?

Yes. While some of the errors cannot be avoided, we can effectively reduce their overall amount. Subject to the needs, we use various tools and modelling techniques which allow us to exercise greater control over the process. We often use 3D scanning in order to use the available area more effectively. We also use VR technology, which allows us and our Client to gain a better understanding and a comprehensive, literally multi-dimensional insight into each and every detail of the system which is being designed.

Can you adjust to the Client’s standard?

Yes. If the Client has their own standard, we can adjust to it and prepare an adjusted implementation. In case it is necessary and possible, we can also recommend a solution that in our opinion will work best in a given sector.

Do you also act globally, outside Poland?

Yes. We have implemented our projects on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia.

Do you have any trusted partners with whom you cooperate on the project and the implementation?

Yes. Since 2018 we have maintained strict cooperation with the German company. In case of joint implementations Inlader comprehensively delivers the steering system and the C&I installation, and our partner is in charge of the mechanical component.


From a business talk to success

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