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From now on, palletisation can work to the company’s advantage.

Stop increasing human labour costs, boost effectiveness flexibility and repetitiveness of the palletisation process, use your employees’ potential more effectively and take care of their health.


Palletisation in practice

Robotised palletisation is a process of arranging finished products on pallets to be subsequently transported. It saves time, money and prevents human-induced errors.

Delivery of products to the robot’s cells (transport and pickpoint)


Delivery of pallets to the robot’s cells (pallet storage and transport system)


The robot is equipped with a gripper


Reception of arranged goods






Labelling machine


Due to its flexibility and multifunctional character, the robot adapts quickly to the changes imposed by the market trends, thereby preserving the continuity of production.

We palletise containers of different formats and sizes:



Multi-packs and pallets



Our implementations

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Ever since the first conversation till the implementation and service, you always know that the system is in good hands.

Check how we managed to house a big central palletisation system in a relatively constricted space

Check the way we successfully dovetailed the palletisation process with the integration of the manual bulk product packaging station

See how 3 robots pick and palletise products simultaneously from 6 lines


Here’s what our clients say about us

“Thanks to the use of VR technology and laser space mapping in the project, already at the initial design stage we were able not only to find out that the system would fit in the surface provided, but also that it would be sufficiently ergonomic for purposes relating to further operation and service.”

Jacek LicznerskiCPP, project manager

The answer is always

If we place an order for the system, will we get a comprehensive solution?

Yes. By default, we prepare the concept and price estimate of a comprehensive solution. All the same, we are flexible and attentive to the Client’s individual needs, e.g. adaptation and exploitation of the existing machinery park.

Can you prepare a simple offer and price estimate without a detailed concept specified in the questionnaire?

Yes. In case of smaller and simpler systems, an on-site inspection and a survey will do. Based on the information collected in this way, we can prepare a general concept and the price estimate. Yet, in case of more elaborate and complex systems, the concept is indispensable – it can be delivered by the Client or we can prepare it against payment. These materials may be used as the data facilitating the process of collecting and comparing potential offers.

Do you use tools that allow to eliminate certain errors even before the implementation stage?

Yes. While some of the errors cannot be avoided, we can effectively reduce their overall amount. Subject to the needs, we use various tools and modelling techniques which allow us to exercise greater control over the process. We often use 3D scanning in order to use the available area more effectively. We also use VR technology, which allows us and our Client to gain a better understanding and a comprehensive, literally multi-dimensional insight into each and every detail of the system which is being designed.

Can you adjust to the Client’s standard?

Yes. If the Client has their own standard, we can adjust to it and prepare an adjusted implementation. In case it is necessary and possible, we can also recommend a solution that in our opinion will work best in a given sector.

Do you also act globally, outside Poland?

Yes. We have implemented our projects on three continents: Europe, North America and Asia.

Do you have any trusted partners with whom you cooperate on the project and the implementation?

Yes. Since 2018 we have maintained strict cooperation with the German company wwT Technologie GmbH & Co. KG. In case of joint implementations Inlader comprehensively delivers the steering system and the C&I installation, and wwT Technologie is in charge of the mechanical component.


From a business talk to success

We have at our disposal all the resources required for successful implementation, starting from the design to professional service. Our people are now your people.


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