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We deliver comprehensive robotic systems to companies for which improvement is part of their daily routine.
We integrate industrial automation by implementing steering and visualisation systems for the technology of transport, storage and processing of products.
Why us? We have brilliant engineers, firm technical support, we are brave, competent and responsible.

This is how we achieve client’s objective

Robotisation of industrial systems:

Let the robots do the job

Are you wondering how to stop growing production costs, increase capacity and flexibility and use the employees’ potential more effectively? Do you need support in identifying processes which can and should be robotised? You may find our offer interesting.

Automation of production processes:

Production of value

Are you a technology provider looking for a competent business partner in the sphere of automation? Are you a manufacturer planning a comprehensive modernisation or integration of the control system? Our offer is directed specifically to you.


Proof of professionalism

We are a safe and reliable choice: dozens of implementations in Poland and a growing number of completed projects worldwide, as well as new recommendations constitute the best proof of the quality of Inlader.

See how the cooperating robot – cobot is replacing an operator in the process of a bus sheathing polishing

See how two robots unscrew and screw the drill spindles with surgical precision, exchanging skillfully used drill bits

Check how we managed to house a big central palletisation system in a relatively constricted space


From a business talk to success

We have at our disposal all the resources required for successful implementation,
starting from the design to professional service. Our people are now your people.



3D Design






C&I Design

Control systems

Control and process management systems

Production of electrical cabinets

Installation and commissioning


Your people in charge of automation and robotisation

Inlader is a group of experts in the field of industry who understand business experts. We have great respect for our clients and their achievements.
We want our solutions to help them attain every objective they set.

We invite students

NYou don’t have to know everything – we will work and develop together ever since the first day of training.

We invite experts

We know the meaning of good work and we appreciate it.
You won’t waste a minute here: we have a great job for great people.

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This is where we share information on our most recent implementations, interesting news from the sector and events from the life of the company.
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